Student Posters Presentation

Poster Format:
Poster drafts and final posters should be approximately 92cm high by 122cm wide in a landscape format.

the presenters should print out the poster by themselves and bring the poster to the venue by 8:20 a.m. on the day the poster is displayed (Please check the list below for your poster presentation day). We will have staffs or volunteers on hand to help set up the posters display.

Student Poster Schedule

All presenters attending on-site should stay near your poster during the Student Poster Session (Day 1-3, 16:30-18:00) and we also encourage all presenters to stay near your poster during the coffee break in order to discuss your poster.

For poster presenters attending on-line, please send the final copy of your poster and the abstract to

Please contact if you have any questions.

• Highlight main topics and purpose of your research.
• Make your poster more engaging by using color, diagrams and images.
• Include an abstract no more than 100 words.
• Avoid illegible fonts in size and style.
• Make sure diagrams and images are large enough to be viewed from a distance.
• Be prepared to answer questions on your research topic.